EU Regulation 2019/424’s Impact on Firmware Availability: Making Cost-Effective TPM Services Even More Attractive

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Understanding the Regulation

The COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/424, effective from March 15, 2019, sets forth ecodesign requirements for servers and data storage products in the European Union. This regulation is a part of the broader Directive 2009/125/EC, which aims at harmonizing energy consumption and resource efficiency standards across the EU.

Key Aspects Impacting TPM Providers

1. Enhanced Energy and Resource Efficiency:
The regulation emphasizes reducing energy consumption in the use phase and focuses on reparability, reusability, upgradeability, and recyclability of these products. It promises considerable annual energy savings, estimated at around 9 TWh by 2030.

2. Material Efficiency Requirements:
Starting March 1, 2020, manufacturers are required to ensure easy disassembly of critical components like data storage devices, memory, CPUs, and motherboards. This change is vital for facilitating repairs and upgrades, making it a significant step for TPM providers.

3. Extended Firmware Availability:
A pivotal aspect of this regulation is the provision that mandates the availability of the latest firmware version for a minimum of eight years after the last product of a specific model is marketed. This extended firmware availability is crucial for maintaining security and performance, thereby boosting the reliability of TPM services.

Implications for Customers and TPM Services

Enhanced Service Quality:
The regulation ensures high standards of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, thereby enhancing the quality of servers and data storage products.

Cost-Effective Maintenance:
With the requirement for extended firmware availability, TPM providers can offer more reliable and long-term maintenance services for complex, critical IT infrastructure. This regulation enables TPM services to be not only cost-effective but also more secure and robust.

Security and Compliance:
The regulation’s focus on firmware updates and technical specifications supports TPM providers in offering services that are compliant with EU standards, ensuring better security and performance for the customers.


The EU Regulation 2019/424 significantly impacts firmware availability, which in turn enhances the attractiveness of TPM services. By ensuring extended availability of firmware updates and focusing on the overall efficiency and reparability of server and storage products, this regulation strengthens the position of TPM providers, offering customers more reliable, secure, and cost-effective maintenance options.