HPE Nimble Konfiguráció Lekérdezése: CS2xx – CS700 modellekhez

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Ebben a bejegyzésben megmutatjuk, hogy hogyan nyerhető ki a HPE Nimble CS-széria eszközeinél a konfiguráció Nimble CLI – command line interface segítségével.

1. Establishing an SSH Connection:

  • Use PuTTY or comparable SSH client to connect to the Nimble Group Management IP address.
  • Log in with the username „admin”. The factory default password is „admin”.
    • Note: Both the username and password are lowercase and case-sensitive. If the password has changed, please obtain the updated one from your partner / customer / sysadmin.

2. Executing Commands:

Once logged in, run the following commands:

  • To list all disks in the Head shelf and Expansion shelves, use:
    • disk --list
    If you manage multiple arrays with the Group Management application and you want to see disk details for a specific array, use:
    • disk --list --array {array name}
  • To display all arrays connected to the Nimble Group Management application and get the model information, use:
    • array --list
  • To get detailed information (like extended model designation) about a specific array, use:
    • array --info {array serial number or array name}
  • To list all shelves connected to an array or a specified controller (A or B) – each shelf’s information includes its serial number, model number, state, location and sensor status – use:
    • shelf –list

3. Saving the Output:

  • Copy the command outputs from the SSH session.
  • Paste the data into a text file, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet.
  • If you are looking for a maintenance / support offer, forward the file to your sales rep.

4. Ending the Session:

  • Remember to log out from the SSH session after collecting all the information.

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